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Q: What is a barcode?

Q: How do I receive my UPC& EAN barcodes?

Q: Can I pay with my PayPal Account?

Q: Will my barcode work with any product?

Q: How many UPC / EAN codes do I need?

Q: How does my product become associated with the Barcode?

Q: Can I use these barcodes on Amazon?

Q: What is a Product Information Form?

Q: Will my barcode expire? Will I have to pay any other fees after the initial purchase?

Q: I need rolls of barcode labels to stick on my product. Can we help?

Q: Can my graphic designer alter the size of the Barcode you sent me to fit on my packaging design?

Q: Why should I purchase through us instead of going directly to GS1-US (Uniform Code Council U.C.C.)?

Q: Will my Barcode Work in Every Store?

Q:I have more questions, is someone available to speak with me?